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Ep 10: Love Story

The book group gather one last time, but Winnie’s missing. As Bug starts to realise how much that friendship means to her, Fiona starts to realise how she really feels about Suze. A last-minute dash to the airport sees the friends pull together one last time to try to help Fiona get the girl.

8 Sept 2021
25 min
Ep 9: Winnie the Pooh

Winnie is getting serious about Bobby. Except she doesn’t do relationships. She can’t. But Bobby doesn’t know that. Bug and James have a major falling out over ducks and swans. She’s a swan. She thought he was a swan. Turns out he’s another bloody duck.  

8 Sept 2021
18 min
Ep 8: Three Sisters
8 Sept 2021
17 min
Ep 7: Mrs Dalloway

Fiona gets back in touch with an old flame from university. It may have been 30 years since they last spoke, but there’s still a spark. If only Fiona can let herself be herself.

8 Sept 2021
20 min
Ep 6: A Room of Ones Own

Could a giant penis save the bookshop? The painting, guys, the painting. Sometimes the giant penis art you accidentally buy at an auction comes good. Bug’s attempt at dating ends in a trip to the hospital – and James and Fiona work on a plan to save the bookshop. If only they can get Bug on board.

8 Sept 2021
20 min
Ep 5: Book of Longing

Bug’s ex causes problems for the bookshop, and James has his date. Though, should you really invite someone back to yours when you live out of boxes and sleep on a blow-up mattress?

8 Sept 2021
18 min
Ep 4: The Vagina Monologues
8 Sept 2021
18 min
Ep 3: Emma

Sami gives James some pointers in the gentle art of flirting. Be cool, don’t go in too hard, and double check they like the right Bronte sister. It’s amazing they’re both still single. Amazingly for James – it works. He has a date. But why doesn’t he want Bug to know about it?

8 Sept 2021
19 min
Ep 2: Oranges are not the Only Fruit

Bug and Winnie are encouraging Fiona to dip a toe back into the dating pool – but there are a lot of frogs. As the three women head to the art gallery to scope out one of Fiona’s possible beaus, Bug finds herself bidding on a giant oil painting of a pink rocket. It is a rocket, isn’t it?

8 Sept 2021
20 min

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Author Jess Moore
Narrator Nadia Kamil, Vivienne Acheampong, Danny Walters, Samantha Spiro, Muzz Khan, Tom Crowley, Katherine Jakeways, John-Luke Roberts, Rhona Cameron, Margaret Cabourn Smith, Nimisha Odedra, Margot Powell, Luke Kempner Release Date 08 September 2021
Publisher Audible Originals
Program Type Audiobook
Version Original recording
Language English

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