What is the function of having two different direction settings?

asked on 9 April 2020

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Hi there! Our nail trimmer has two different rotation directions to help trim the nails of both the left and right hands. It's just to make things a little easier for mums when trimming their little one's nails. Hope this helps!
Seller · 9 April 2020
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I am not 100% sure but I believe allows you to choose rotating direction and speed when trimming different hands' fingernails. For me, I just tried the different rotation until I found which one works for which hand/finger. I also change rotations when I am going back and forth on the same nail. Because bubs nails are so soft still sometimes I can't get it exactly right, so there is loose bits on the nail tips. So I just rotate left & right until its all smoothed out.
· 9 April 2020
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