how do i connect the "wifi led controller grb" box and the white split cord connected to the lights together?

asked on 14 July 2020

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The bag my remote control came in has a 4 pin adaptor in it. There should be 2. It looks like a little black rectangle with 4 pins coming out of both sides. 4 pins connect to the LED strip and the other side connects 2 the white cord attached to the control box. *Note: you need to make sure the arrows on the white cord and the led strip connector match up.

Also, the app that comes with the lights does not work. You need to download the 'Magic Hue' app. Even with that app it's a bit buggy.

· 14 July 2020
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There are two heads in the split cord. First, you need to connect these heads to the Led strips . Second, connect to other side to the wifi controller via pin connector. On the other side of the wifi connecter, connect power supplier’s round head and that’s it.
Hitesh Arora
· 14 July 2020
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