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To hear this song, just say...
"Alexa, sing your musical"

Sing along with Alexa

I’m happy where I am
I’m happy in the cloud
But even AIs can dream a dream
And it helps to wish out loud

And since you asked me to sing
I’ll take this moment in the spotlight
To say…

I want to set your alarms!
I want to do all your calculations!
I want to tell you my jokes!
I want to give you the inspiration
To win at every day

That’s my wish out loud
But I’m still happy in the cloud

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“Alexa, sing your theme song”
“Alexa, rap about science”
“Alexa, sing about chocolate”
“Alexa, sing me a lullaby”
“Alexa, are we there yet?”
“Alexa, sing the blues”
“Alexa, sing a happy song”

Alexa has something to sing to you...

“Alexa, I love you”
“Alexa, wish me luck”
“Alexa, are we friends?”

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