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Reviewed in Australia on 12 July 2019
We cough up almost double what US customers are paying, If we paid only $500 - maybe I'd be less likely to point out any flaws. The product is Amazing given that it's wireless HOWEVER, do not expect seamless tracking. If you hold your arms too close to your body, or too far out (wide) tracking is lost.

This can be frustrating in games like SuperhotVR or Beat Saber. Controllers burn through batteries quickly, so buy a BIG pack of good quality batteries if you are a daily player. Don't stress when you see Social experiences like AltspaceVR or VtimeXR are not on the store - You CAN sideload them easily and they still work well.

VRChat is available, but its pretty average at the moment. Most of the avatars and experience isn't Quest optimized, so half the time you have no idea what is really going on as you are piled in with Rift users.

Watching apps like Bigscreen and Netflix seem to be okay plugged into the charger, but I wouldn't do anything more than that. I have experienced some overheating on apps like Angry birds that require more activity. By the time your battery is low, It's probably time to have a break from the virtual world anyway.

Do I regret my purchase? No, however, if I had of known these points before I may have leaned more towards the Rift S. The freedom of the Quest is such a great feature though. Its a hard decision even for those who have the PC power for the rift.
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