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Reviewed in Australia on 20 November 2020
I'm really appreciating my time with AC: Valhalla. I miss the amazing voice actor that did the Odyssey female character, but am loving setting things on fire and looting villages and monasteries. The game is gorgeous, though this is my first time picking up an AC game in its first six months, and the visual glitches and bugs are painful. At one stage my controller was stuck on vibrate and the only solution was to restart the whole game. The PS5 upgrade that came for free with the PS4 version is prettier and smoother though, and I haven't encountered any game breaking bugs on this version yet.

I wish that the modern sections were completely removed, they add nothing to my enjoyment of the game, and are boring and batshit crazy at the same time. No-one has ever said "gosh, being an axe wielding maniac is fine, but if only I could walk around a cabin and talk about what is and isn't defined as tea with a boring white dude"
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4.3 out of 5
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