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Reviewed in Australia on 17 August 2018
Forget Dog leashes, forget DIY solutions that end up costing you more in individual parts or repairs to your ceiling and walls from inferior products or DIY attempts. KIWI design of Cable managemnet is easy, quick and simple - and allows a LOT of flexibility. Not just 3 points, but 6!!! anchors and pulleys and all the necessary fixtures - with both 'screw in' and 'stick on' options ALSO INCLUDED!!

I personally found this kit perfect for my requirements, writing this review a week after installing and using it and REALLY REALLY has improved my immersion and also kept the cables out of under my feet \ chair wheels (seated VR) and basically really enabled me to enjoy room scale VR "cable free".

I was VERY impressed with the fact the cable is kept out of your way - but when installed correctly \ balanced around the room - their is little to no tension felt, no tugging or excessive pulling on the VR unit, just a sense of a secure solid connection yet still "free" to easily move around the room.

My VR Area is a shared space- so it has the added bonus of keeping the cable out of the way \ up high away from under foot but also from small children or animals that may be moving around in that shared space - another great bonus I didnt think of at the time - keep the cable out of reach of small hands at all times!!

Loving my VR experience even more now due to KIWI Designs VR Cable management 'kit'. Its all inclusive and you need nothing else, I was very impressed by the overal detail in the design and thought behind making it work correctly, the component quality in all the links, connections and the fully included various mounting options in the box with instructions - but most of all - total of 6 pulley\wheel tension cables to make your install 'just pefect' without having to buy an extra kit or extra wires\cables like some other products on the market.

5/5 from me.
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