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Reviewed in Australia on 21 February 2019
I purchased two of these; one for use as a baby monitor and one for use as a security system for our front door. Delivery was prompt and the packaging was neat and tidy and the camera inside was well protected. The installation was very easy. I installed the iPhone app on my iPhone (6S) and my wife’s iPhone (6) with no trouble; it did not need to access anything from my phone in order to work, though it asks for access to the microphone if you want to talk to the camera device, and access to photos if you want to record a video or take a snapshot. Didn’t ask for contacts. You have to register with an email address; it allowed me to use any old address (I have a secondary one for such things).

Installation was very easy; the app guides you through in broken English. The app text is poorly translated (I am guessing from Mandarin) but the translation is good enough to get you through easily. The speaker talks to you in English with a Chinese accent during setup, and occasionally in clearer English, but it honestly was very easy to set up and worked perfectly first time. From out of the box it was up and running within 5 minutes.

Picture quality is crystal clear. Very impressed. Night vision also excellent. Best clarity within several metres of the camera though. Further than that and things got blurry. So it’s ideal for the front porch or for use as a baby monitor. However note that I was testing indoors in the evening with lights on, and with lights off for the baby. Outdoors might be another story - I’d guess it would be even better outdoors with the natural light.

There are only 2 things I don’t like about this monitor. Firstly, only one person at a time can watch the web stream. So although you can look at your own camera(s) from anywhere around the world, my wife and I can’t simultaneously look at the baby from separate devices. If I open the app on my phone, it logs her off her phone. We bought two, so I could always mount both pointing at the baby cot, but that seems ridiculous. This limitation wasn’t clear in the product information. The second thing I don’t like is that there is about a 1 second delay in the audio and video feed. This is totally fine for security purposes but means you can’t use it to have a proper conversation (it’s not really designed for this purpose anyway - so I’m still giving it 4 stars).

All in all this is a great device and worked well out of the box. I hope the app continues to be updated because without the app, the device would not work. So time will tell how many years we get out of it, hopefully they keep updating the app so that it works on iPhones for many years to come.
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