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Reviewed in Australia on 12 June 2020
Being a bit of an Alexa tragic, I thought I'd better get one of these because it's new and I should get one! But really doubted the need for it.
Well I have only had it for all of 30min, and can't believe I have lived my life without it :(
Ok, what does it do, well absolutely nothing that the Alexa app on your phone can do for free. All the same commands, and they are ported through the phone in any case, so nothing amazing. But lets look a little further:
- First thing, I received more than I expected. You receive the unit, a usb and 3.5mm audio cable, a dual port cigarette lighter adapter, and a vent mount with magnetic attachement to the Echo Auto
- The Echo Auto is small and the long blue LED light on the front looks great.
- Audio recognition appears fine, but I haven't used it on noisy roads yet. I also didn't use the vent mount, but stuck it under the dash near the gearshift. Perfect fit.
- The pairing is simpler then an echo as it only uses bluetooth, so it is very straightforward
- The Echo Auto has a speaker so you get messages while it powers up, and before a bluetooth connection, but nevertheless the startup time is maybe 10-15 sec
- The ability to now be able to talk to Alexa for everything without looking at a screen is very useful
- I my case (Holden Commodore VF) even if your stereo in on the radio of something other than bluetooth, the second you ask for something, it automatically switches to bluetooth to respond, and of course any music shows the artist/song title etc.
None yet, but being someone that hates seeing cables, I wish the cable ports were on the back of the unit rather than the side, because you can't avoid seeing at least 100mm of cable and connector. And also to have a magnetic stick on base would be nice when not using the vent mount.

Time will tell how well it works, but for now its a definite 5 stars
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