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Reviewed in Australia on 4 February 2020
I was really looking forward to these, because I have an earlier version of them; SoundPEATS True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds released in 2018. These newer ones were released in 2019 and I was hoping for a crisper sound and comfort. I didn’t get it.

The sound is a bit muted staticky and these aren’t actually comfortable at all. They fit very awkwardly and are painful to the ear. I always have to fiddle with them to try and fit the plastic at the end that goes close to your eardrum, but the sound just doesn’t become any better. They also tend to fall out of my ear without warning.

With the other SoundPEATS of 2018, the music is awesome and you can roll onto your side to listen to music or watch a movie and you can barely feel them in. I’ve fallen asleep wearing them because they were that comfortable that I forgot they were even there.

A big problem that I had was having to constantly disable Bluetooth on my iPad and turn on back again, just so that these earbuds could work. The connection dropped every single time I’d stopped using them and put them back into the case, then later on come back to use them again.

The other issue was that there’s no stop button on the earbud. On the earlier version there’s a button that you can press on the back of the earbud and you music or movie would just pause in case you needed to turn the sound off. Then a press would turn it back on and continue. There’s no such button on this and to stop the sound you have to put it back into its case. That’s pretty ridiculous.

As of today, the 5th February, they no longer connect to Bluetooth, aren’t charging, and are a completely useless piece of plastic. I have gone back to using the former SoundPEATS. All in all, I feel like it absolutely wasn’t worth buying the newer versions of these earbuds.
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