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Reviewed in Australia on 26 August 2017
This book was bipolar. Sage was over the top and went from tears to triumph every few paragraphs like a drunken teenager. Her situation wasn't the best but I found her relationships with all those men bordering ridiculous the second time round and the fact that nobody an I mean nobody not once told her while she might not like the prince that maybe she should give him a chance coz the dude is a good guy. Not his brother, cousin, father or castle full of people who knew him his whole life thought it prudent to stick up for the guy when she went on rants about him to his mates. Sorry not cool!
The part about the war prisoner was also ridiculous. Oh she only waltz into town helped kill a bunch of people and threatened to set fire to a silo full of women an children no biggy. Yet it's reasonable that sage cracks the sads because she's not being put up in a five star suite an given every amenity. Umm what? Prisoner or war people! Heinous crimes against her people! And let's not forget she's offered up no info to even make her useful yet she's fully clothed, fed and watered. Sage was treated worse sure but she is also a god damn traitor! Did we forget that people? Yet now she's a princess. Wow color me confused.
All in all, plot turns were obvious, characters 2D and while the first book at least had me interested for the second the second was so full of needless drama and shallow relationship building that I don't know if I can be bothered reading the third.
Two stars was achieved because for whatever reason I read the whole book. But it was definitely found lacking.
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4.5 out of 5
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