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Reviewed in Australia on 2 May 2020
So I only had these a short time, as the 2 main issues I had with them were important enough for me to return for a refund.
Main issue: sound volume and lack of bass.
Sound volume is just too low on my phones max volume setting. I own a Samsung J5 Prime.
When you're in the mood to turn it up, there's nothing there. On max volume I wouldn't even describe it as high. And the bass which was pumping with my other Soundpeats wireless earbuds on my current sound setting was nowhere to be found with this pair. It was all mids and highs with a very weak bass output.

Next issue: the touch sensitive controls.
While that sounds good in theory in practice it was extremely annoying.
Trying to skip songs and adjust volume was down to luck. So many times I wanted to adjust volume, which you touch for 2 seconds, but just resulted in skipping the current song which is supposed to be one touch. That got old real fast!

Without the typical button clicks of a non touch sensitive earbud it's very hard to gauge. I see other reviews where they seem to have no issues so maybe it's me but in the future I will avoid touch sensitive controls, it's just too easy to accidently activate the wrong action when you reach up to your ear, locate the bud between your fingers and then perform the action you want.
Also trying to power down the right ear bud independently just didn't work.
You are supposed to touch the control for 5 seconds however every 2 seconds volume control was activated instead.
The only way I could get it to power down was taking the left bud out and powering them down together. Which I did and put them back in the box and packed them up to return to Amazon.

On the plus side, when I first got them out they were super easy to connect to my phone and immediately synced together automatically with no fuss, so congrats on that.
Also the carry box is well designed and along with the buds look and feel like a premium product.
I see there are plenty of reviewers who are very happy with these so obviously I am in the minority, however if volume, bass and touch sensitive controls are potential issues for you I would recommend another pair like my Soundpeats.
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