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Reviewed in Australia on 29 July 2020
This is my second 2 in 1, my first being an Acer Spin 13 inch 7th generation i7 with 16 Gb Ram (DDR4) and a 1 GB integrated Intel graphics card on board, so I do have something to compare this Lenovo Flex with. First off, the graphics card is a 512 Mb Radeon according to speccy and while I have not had the back off yet, it appears it cannot be replaced. So probably no playing A C Odyssey on it. The choice of replacement graphics card small enough to fit in the box is highly limited anyway. However with 13Gbs of VRam it just might manage Witcher 3 and AC Origins if you lower the quality of the graphics and make sure nothing else is running in the background. So its no gaming machine. Which is a pity as the rest of the specs are very good for a lower priced 2 in 1 and better than many more expensive laptops for sale in Australia at the moment . The only thing that has slowed it down so far has been the amount of traffic on the internet, and the NBN.
Its actually smaller than I expected, and is the same size as my 13 inch Spin. Its also thinner and weighs less,. It is heavier than a tablet but then it contains far more inside it than a tablet. does
It comes with programs pre-loaded, including a licensed copy of McAfee, according to the protests as I uninstalled it. As someone else mentioned, the Lenovo software and adverts are not overwhelming compared to other proprietary brands so will not be a problem until you run out of storage space. I know a lot of us use online storage, but 256 Gb is not a decent size hard drive, no matter how fast, so sooner or later you may want to replace it.
That said, it is a nippy little laptop and versatile with its 360 degree configuration. It comes with 2 regular USB ports, and the USB c port that is used with the power supply. The plug is American but since the first part of a power supply that goes into the adaptor is generic, I used a cable from another laptop to gt it charged up. A second-hand one would work well and save a bit of money if you cannot get to an electronics store. immediately. I haven't found the screen any harder to look at than the one on the Acer Spin. Its important to keep the AMD drivers up to date as eventually you will get problems if you don't bother. Apparently this little laptop wiped the floor in benchmark tests with its Intel counterpart, and both didn't give too much change out of $2,000 when it was possible to buy them here, so the Ryzen chip is fast. It compares favourably to the Microsoft Surface too. It represents very good value for money as many computer resellers are still offering older laptops with inferior specs at top dollar prices, so there is a certain amount of future-proofing built in. For portable computing you probably can't get a better deal, and its good enough to be a family computer. The icing on the cake was that mine arrived several weeks early. Well done Lenovo!
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