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Reviewed in Australia on 23 January 2020
I've been using this brand for years and noticed it on Amazon recently, I like the convenience of having this bulky item delivered so that I always have Viva paper towel on hand. I have not tried many other brands however each time I have compared with supermarket home brands and handy, I have preferred the quality of the Viva brand. You can actually really wash your dishes with a couple of sheets of this paper towel if you wanted to, and also rinse the paper towel in clean water. I don't use it for for this, but it can be done. I use it mainly for wiping out frying pans, baking dishes and wiping food scraps away from dishes and plates prior to washing them. Another great use for Viva paper towel is to dry your pots and pans avoiding any stain residue from marking kitchen tea towels, you all know It happens! However with Viva it doesn't have to. It is also worth mentioning it's great for cleaning mirrors and windows as it does not leave lint or smudges on glass, including wine glasses. I give it the thumbs up :))
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