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Reviewed in Australia on 6 September 2019
A little about me so you understand my opinion, Im 50 odd in years, this is my first experience with modern VR and from the first demo i played on a friends quest i was hooked.
I without having any know;edge of what else was out there decided to also buy the quest over the rift only because it was wireless, If you buy the quest you have to buy the add on battery for it, games like dead and buried 2 will consume the short battery life on it, With a cord attached its a poor mans rift while playing.
Playing games that require you to move a lot take your focus from the need to stay in a confined area and destruction of a cord is assured, Less than 2 hours playing dead and buried 2 i head butted the wall twice, Went to lean on objects that where a figment of the virtual world causing me to fall on walls and tables, yeah i know funny as hell as long as noone sees yo do it right?
Both times i though for sure i would have damaged the oculus but fortune in my favor it held up to it, I had a sore nose for 3 days so it was no bump,still a little sore ATM.
Anyway, You don`t have to buy head phones,Mic is built in but its pretty crappy. Extra battery a must have.
The guardian works awesomely but again in a confined room you will forget it as you become more emersed in the game your playing , So do yourself a favor and keep checking where your at inside the guardian often,your going to get hurt unless all the games you play are stationary, Even then you bound to lean on something thats not there.
These are the pit falls.
Enough of my ramblings, Short story short, Stay wireless, while playing motion games, More power for the short battery life on the oculus and enjoy the hell out of it.
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