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Reviewed in Australia on 27 June 2020
Starts out on a 192.168.254.x network and the setup page becomes inaccessible after you switch to bridge mode. Since I run an internal 10.1.x.x this was annoying. Anyway, here's what I did to get around both issues. I'm using this to get an xbox 360 onto my wifi. i.e. Bridge mode. I am not using the repeater (access point) function.

- disconnect your laptop/PC from home wifi (or ethernet if you're using that).
- connect Vonets to USB and boot it up
- connect laptop (or a mobile phone if you like) to the Vonets SSID (or you can plug in the RJ45 network jack if you have one, though you might have to set the IPv4 config for the NIC to auto discovery first) and browse to or vonets.cfg
- login with user: admin password: admin
- let it scan and then connect to your wifi
- ensure you Disable Hotspot (if you don't want a repeater)
- also ensure you disable DHCP if your router is already doing this (which is likely) or you will create ip address conflicts on your network
- If you're going to various pages in the config, hit Apply before you move to the next page. Don't reboot until you've set everything.
- Lastly Reboot. There's an option for this on a System Settings. You don't need to set the time on the Timing Function page. It's not doing anything useful.

After this, the device should have picked up a new IP (as it will get a new IP from your router via DCHP) and you're done. Go plug it in to whatever device you need to put on the network.

The setup page will now be inaccesible though, so won't work any more and neither will vonets.cfg. The manual seems to indicate that you need to do a factory reset to get back to it, but this isn't correct.

If you look in your router config under Devices or somesuch you wil likely see the Vonets. My router only had one entry for it but actually, there are two. A good router might list both. The one I couldn't see was the new IP for the config page. They both have the same MAC address which is odd. I used an Android App called Wifi Analyser to find it using the "LAN Neighbors" feature. This is the same info I saw on my router but it had an extra entry for the missing Vonets IP. My router had an entry it's log where I could see the IP address being assigned but my guess is that it didn't list it under devices as it had a duplicate MAC address.

Anyway, hope this was helpful. It works quite well after all that and I can connect it to a different WiFi SSID without doing a factory reset. Good range from the other end of the house and doesn't seem to mess up the wifi of other devices as some people have said, though I'm not using it as a repeater, just a bridge.

Also, if you ever change your admin password and forget it you can login with user: vonets, password: vonets26642519 as you might have seen on a github page for this device (bit of a risk if using as a repeater hey!). You can apparently reflash with OpenWRT but by all accounts it's not recommended. Would like to hear if someone got that working nicely as the device seems underspecced for it.

Update: If you're finding that the Vonets drops off your wifi periodically and doesn't rejoin (slow blinking blue light) make sure you update the firmware through System Settings > Firmware Upgrade menu. I was running with a Feb 2020 Firmware and found that with ( Jun 22 2020 11:02:57 ), the device may still drop out but it reconnects immediately. After thi you need to do a factory reset with the button (indicated by the blue light flashing in a pattern). This took a few goes, so either my reset button if dodgy or it required multiple clicks/holds.

There is also an additional menu that you can get to when you are joining your wifi under Scan Hotspots > Advanced Setting. I set "Hotspot authentication match mode" to "Fully matched authentication mode(MAC certification)" and haven't had a problem since. This is also where you can configure roaming. e.g. you use an extender with the same name but different MACs and can set tolerances to allow roaming when you move about depending on signal strength.
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