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Reviewed in Australia on 6 November 2019
I had these earphones for about one week. Other comparable true wireless earphones I’ve also owned – Xiaomi Haylou GT1 and QCY T2S.

Build quality - I love these earphones. The case feels good and sturdy with a bit of weight, heavier than its predecessor (due to bigger battery life). The case also comes with a lid, which was a much welcomed change for extra protection and keep the dust out. Unfortunately, it is still using a micro USB for charging (cable included) and would have liked to see a USB type c connection instead. The earbuds were also built with high quality, it looks like it can take some beating if you do drop them. Other than the minimal branding on the earbuds they are mainly black. They do not have the smallest profile but it doesn’t bulge out of my ears so they do look fine. There’s also a button on each earbud which allows you to start/stop and skip/playback. Although it doesn’t require much force, whenever I try to push the buttons on the earbuds, I can feel it pressing against my ears but it doesn’t hurt so it didn’t concern me too much.

Fitting – I have average ear size. I used the default ear cups on the earbuds and they fit nicely. It comes with three pairs of different sized ear cups to accommodate all sizes. I have no problems with running or jumping and I feel confident they will remain intact in my ears. I did not experience any pain from using them continuously up to 3 hours. As far as I know, these earbuds are not waterproof but I did not have any problems when they got wet due to sweating (still intact as well).

Paring/Connection – I had no problem with the initial pairing. I took out right earbud and it started blinking, then successfully paired to my android phone after searching. Then took out the left earbud which automatically connected and synced with the other earbud. Honestly took less than 3 minutes. So far, I had no issues with the connection. Reliability is very important to me and these earbuds delivered. The Bluetooth v5 must’ve worked very well with my Samsung phone. I usually have my phone on me but I did test up to 5 meters and had no problems with the connection.

Power – I did get about 3-4 hours per charge. Didn’t do any extensive testing yet but I’m confident that the case can power these earbuds very close to 35 hours playtime.

Sound – These sound excellent. Obviously not expecting these for critical listening. A little more on the bassy side. Mids were good and balanced. Vocals and instruments came out clear. It didn’t really handle highs very well and can lose a bit of clarity. Average sound stage and imaging as expected from most earphones. Sounds very close with a weird slight angle to the back (maybe just me?). There is a small latency when viewing videos but you won’t notice it unless you are looking for it. This is similar to other budget wireless earbuds I had. Google assistant worked fine, but it will not pick up whispering (in case you want to activate google assistant discreetly). The microphone was not the clearest during phone calls but it did the job.

Conclusion - This is a very attractive price point for wireless earphones. I would recommend these earphones for those who like quality sounds with a bit of beat/bass in their music. If you want a less bassy one with touch function, then try Xiaomi Haylou GT1. If you prefer a cheaper alternative, then try QCY T2S. I would definitely recommend SoundPEATS True Wireless as my top choice for superior sound quality, battery life, and reliability. No regrets for this price.
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