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Reviewed in Australia on 4 August 2020
Had mine up for about 5 weeks now, hate it, getting rid of it. Such a huge disappointment. You don't actually get all the features from the system unless you pay for a account. I cannot record videos to my NAS for example.

I also own an Echo Show 8 device. I thought that this will be the perfect pairing, but I was totally wrong. When motion is detected at the front door, I am notified really quickly, but that is where it all ends. If I then ask my Echo Show 8 device to "show my front door", the stupid system needs to make a connection to the mothership first. I have fast 100mbps HFC NBN cable service, and if I am lucky, by the time the Echo Show 8 has made a connection with and then has then displayed a live view from my ring camera, I am lucky if I am not seeing the back of the delivery man's OH&S hi vis vest passing my letterbox at the end of my driveway as he walks away from the house. About 1 out of every 10 times, the system times out trying to connect to Such a huge disappointment.

As another example, if I get the "motion detected at the front door" notification on all my echo device around the house goes off, and I say to my Echo Show 8, "show my front door" to see who is leaving the house, I am lucky for it to start showing the live video before my wife for example has reached the back of her car parked out on the street. It is just too slow.

It is not so bad if the person at the front door presses the doorbell, but even then, the ability to talk to the person at the door is far from satisfactory. Often the sound is garbled and full of dropouts, like a really bad mobile phone connection, or worse. This is despite me having a wired ethernet connection to a "point of presence" wireless range extender just 3 metres from the front door.

Frankly, if the reliance on the woefully slow and non-necessary was not a product killer, then the flaky voice performance is certainly the straw that breaks the camel's back.
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