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Reviewed in Australia on 28 May 2020
Picked these up as something wireless and secure fit for exercise - cycling, rowing machine, jogging.
Product feels nice in hand and the touch controls are simple and effective, once you have a bit of practice. Connection is fast and stable. Mono/Stereo function works well and I have found pairing reliable.
Fit is very secure and perfectly comfortable for the time periods I have used them for, 30-90 minutes.
Sound quality is perfectly fine for a work-out phone, mid dominant with adequate bass, highs a bit recessed but it just gives the 'phone an warmish, non-fatiguing sound.

Call quality has been fine, as the environment for use is not noisy. Can't speak for performance in a noisier environment or if you are trying to cycle at the same time, I pulled up when I took the one call I had out cycling - wind might create an issue?

Onto the foibles - I had a heck of a time getting the 'phones to turn off properly and connect to charge when returning them to the case. This meant I had the 'phones constantly re-establishing connection to my phone when I wasn't using them. I have realised that the ear-hook was spread wider from using the 'phones. A simple squeeze on the ear-hook to bend them to a smaller radius before returning to the case has solved the problem. The only query is if this will effect the longevity of the 'phones. Let's see...
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