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Reviewed in Australia on 6 January 2020
I purchased these a month ago following the shock of getting our first electricity bill here in Canberra 😬 While heating is an essential here, some other things, like leaving items such as the tv powerpoint turned on at night are not. But if you have a tv unit getting to the powerpoint to turn it off at night as a) a pain and b) not something I will always remember to do. Did you know that nowadays tv's and computers continue to draw a lot of power while not technically switched on as their systems continue to connect to the internet to download updates?
That's where these guys come in. You can create automations to turn off your powerpoint at night or whenever you aren't using them and then automatically switch them back on at times you want to use them. And if you want to use them outside your normal routine you simply switch the powerpoint on with your phone.
What's interesting is that the app that accompanies these babies includes a power monitor so you can see how much electricity the devices plugged into them use each hour they are turned on, and you can get a graph with the usage over the course of a month or more. I was shocked to discovered that our tv, xbox and apple tv use an average of 25kw per hour even when in standby mode before I setup the routines to turn them off when not being used.
Anyway, I hope this helps you save money on your electricity bill too :)
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