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Reviewed in Australia on 15 June 2020
Echo Auto bring something truly amazing to your car, and it works perfectly. It comes with everything you need, a Dual port Charger, USB Cable, Audio cable and mount. The unit is tiny, it perfectly sits on my middle vent between my Air Freshener and my Belkin phone mount. The mount is great with a cable holder that perfectly fits both the power cable and the AUX Cable.(AUX only needed if your not using Bluetooth)
Set-up was extremely fast and convenient, completed it, in like two minutes via the Alexa App in the carpark before leaving work on Friday afternoon.
Also with my 2010 Subaru Impreza, I dont have Bluetooth, so its really helpful to have a voice assistant that can properly pick up my voice (Google Assistant on my Phone has some trouble sometimes)
The Microphones are powerful, the only time it wont pick up my voice is if i have the volume on my music turned all the way up, but even then, i just need to turn it down slightly and the 8 microphones will pick up my voice perfectly. I haven't tried it from the backseat yet (Sorry Backseat driver's) but it could pick up my friend who was calling out from her car through my window, so you know its got a fair bit of range to it. The privacy button it also fairly easy to press while driving as well as the action button (which means you could really just skip turning your music down)
Using Google Maps and Spotify are also just as easy, and with all the skill's that my Echo at home can use now put into my car, I can easily listen to my favourite online Radio Station via TuneIN easier or possibly even play the Skyrim app while driving (Have not tried this yet, will get back to you on how safe it might be to play Skyrim on Alexa while Driving)
The light bar is minimal, gives a little blue illumination during commands and a solid green light during calls, and with the angle that the unit sit's i don't think it will ever attract any unwanted attention from anyone driving past.

-Small and convenient, mount's perfectly and will fit anywhere.
- High powered microphone's will pick up almost anything in the car and possibly even outside the car.
- Button's are easy to push, with minimal effort providing good privacy and easy access to voice commands if the Mic's cant hear you.
- Amazing compatibility with google maps, Spotify and for making phone call's. Alexa's skills that you use at home are all there and make driving a new experience.
- Light bar is not too bright and seem's to be everything you need.

- Had trouble using Spotify if it wasn't open, could've been just an incompatability issue with my Android phone, but it doesn't overly bother me.
- Since it runs on the cigarette lighter, when turning my car over from Accessories to engine power Echo Auto will turn off and then restart, slight inconvenience, could cause trouble during Phone call's.

Overall 10/10, only two con's so far, but those aren't really any trouble, just some little things that I've noticed.
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