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Reviewed in Australia on 3 March 2020
-This is a decent budget device if you don't mind a bit of hassle.

-Initial set up is difficult.

-Manual that it comes with is not very clear, has wrong English on it.

Once you get it installed and able to run you would like to explore the menus. But without the SD card installed you can go to the (settings)menu simply by pressing menu button but strangely once card is plugged in, settings button does not work. You have to first press OK, then immediately press M button(Mode) then press M again and you will then reach video play back menu. From video play back menu if you press the menu button only then would the menu screen come up. This was the worst thing to figure out for me.

The cam basically keeps recording 1/3/5 minutes video files in loop and overwrites the oldest files. In case you find yourself in an accident and you want to save the footage, press lock button and the current video file would be locked and continued to be recorded till the preset length of recording (lets say you choose 5 mins length in settings) after that a new unlocked file would start to record. To preview the footage press OK (it starts recording a new file and saves the previous recording) after that press M (mode) quickly 2 times. Use up down buttons to find the file that you locked (a pad lock sin appears on top left of the screen for locked files) press OK to play the file. Cam also plays back sound (but volume is too low) Cam also lets you fast forward the video.

Video quality and video stabilisation is pretty good but don't expect it to read number plates from more than 3-4 meters. You can only read number plates of the car that is right in front and close to your car. Otherwise colors, white balance, frames per second etc are decent.

-It comes with 2 mounts, I suggest using suction mount without uncovering the glue cover! Because once glued it would be tough for you to look at the screen and operate it without taking it off specially during initial setup. Suction by itself is more than sufficient, no need for glue.

-Don't buy this cam if you don't have a mobile with micro SD card reader or you have a SD card reader for your PC, or have SD card reader in your laptop already. Otherwise add buying an SD card reader to the cost.

-Get the camera hardwired, as you don't want to have wires dangling around neither you want your cigarette lighter socket taken up, you also don't want camera to stop recording if you accidentally knock it loose. The parking mode works best when camera is hard wired. On Amazon you can get pretty decent kits for 20 AU$.

- Add price of hard-wiring ~ approx. 80 AU$

You'd want to set camera right as it lets you make a couple of settings like frequency, standard video file length, G sensor sensitivity, audio recording on/off etc. The camera screen turns off after a preset duration 30sec-1 min-2 min-3min it will not show you live view all the time. However a blue light would blink indicating that it is recording just fine. To turn the display back on press a button which doesn't do anything from live view screen, such as menu or up. Don't press OK or it would save previous file and start a new one. Do't press down button as that mutes microphone.
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