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Reviewed in Australia on 28 May 2019
As an owner of the Oculus Rift DK1, DK2 and CV1, the Quest is a very significant milestone in the development of VR because it is the first commercial 6 degree-of-freedom (including hand controllers) system. It is simply amazing what the engineers have managed to pull off here.

Compared to the CV1, the major improvements are:

- Much improved internal lens reflections (causing 'god rays').
- Improved screen resolution (now 1600 x 1440 per eye) OLED technology.
- Ergonomic audio porting in ears (tradeoff with some sound quality, standard wired headphones can be connected if needed).
- Completely tether-less operation (this cannot be overstated). Very good hand controller tracking.

- Slightly added weight (measured 578 grams).
- Oculus Quest store titles appear to cost slightly more than the Oculus PC VR store.

The build quality is excellent, we're talking Apple-quality fit and finish here. Longevity looks decent, but with VR moving at such a rapid place I think the hardware probably will easily last 3-4 years (until the next Quest comes along).

What makes the magic happen is the software, at the present time (May 2019) the Oculus home screen has a clean design. I'm glad that Oculus did not implement the Oculus Home environment in their tethered VR system (I think it is simply useless and unnecessary).

At release time, there is a good selection of titles and will surely be much better in the following years,

Highly recommended.
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