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Reviewed in Australia on 14 October 2020
The pre-release reviews all slated the strap, but that's clearly a personal thing as I've found it quite comfy. It doesn't go over my ears like so many people had issues with and I'm finding it more comfy that the original Oculus! The choice of face foam is another thing that most people don't like, its 'ok'. It is softer than the original, but at the same time its more scratchy. Not sure if I will change that in the weeks to come or not, I never replaced the foam on the original.

Screen is a huge improvement, though the first thing you will see when booting is how grey the blacks are compared with the old screen. That's one of those things you will see when you look for it, but in general use do not. That said in the dark indoor areas of the PC version of Arizona Sunshine the washed out image was very obvious.

I have it on IPD setting 2, I used 63-64mm on the original Quest so luckily setting 2 on the new is about perfect. That said I still feel the FOV is less, but could be imagination.

One thing I have liked, and not seen mentioned anywhere, is it seems better at selecting 5ghz when on a mixed wifi network. My original Quest was pretty random if it would pickup the 2.4 or 5 ghz, the solution being to use different names for each and force it on the 5ghz when needed. So far the Quest 2 has auto selected 5ghz without fail. Edit: Annoyingly it has selected 2.4ghz a few times now, so perhaps still the only way to force it is to name your networks differently just like with Quest 1.

Overall I like it.
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