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Reviewed in Australia on 28 August 2020
I actually didn't like this book. I absolutely loved book 1, loved the storyline, loved Tempest and where her life had taken her. I had waited for sooo long for this to come out as I wanted to see more of Pyre and Tempests relationship flourish and grow. Instead I got a stupid, annoying girl who thinks she can save the world by making rash, dumb decisions and would push down others who get in her way. Because no, there couldn't be a bigger picture happening..!! She really irritated me, I felt like she hasn't grown at all from the first book and she is so angry and distrustful and makes stupid, immature decisions. I am really disappointed with how the author has continued with her character and most of the book, I literally wanted to slap Tempest across the face.
Pyre annoyed me in parts too.
This whole book just annoyed me. Did not enjoy at all.
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4.5 out of 5
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