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Reviewed in Australia on 20 June 2020
To start, I will say that I enjoyed the story and the (potential) lore, and I will be reading the next book when it comes out. In saying that, I very nearly gave up on this book several times. The editing was not great (to the point where I wonder if there was any). Conversations seemed jerky and would leap to weird places seemingly at random. Some chapters were written from certain characters’ perspective - most likely in an attempt to give them more depth, but if anything this made them more two-dimensional for me. Their voices were indistinguishable from the heroine’s. One particular chapter early on was supposedly meant to give insight into what one character was thinking after a conversation with the heroine, but it really just hashed over everything again. Have a little faith in your readers! We know what he was thinking! It came across as a paltry excuse for the author to explicitly showcase how hot the heroine apparently is. It felt cheap and unnecessary.
I also think more time should have been spent on world building. By the end I still didn’t understand much about shifters, or really anything about the world at all. I’m trying to remember what the country was called - or if it was a land or a region or what. I’m also so confused by the concept of partially shifting, where some shifters are human except for their ears, which take their animal form. So... do they ever have human ears? And some shifters are apparently identifiable by their hair colour - so white hair would indicate an owl shifter. So do partial owl shifters just not have ears at all??
I really feel like the author didn’t flesh out the rules of these type of magic (if it even is magic - again, we have no clue) and just wanted an excuse to give a character fox ears (ick).
To sum up, everything was rushed and not properly explored, and a lot of scenarios felt forced and artificial. I would suggest the author spend less time on the heroine’s over-the-top internal monologue, and more time showing (not telling) is what on earth is happening. I’m really hoping the next book is an improvement, because I do think there are some solid ideas here, and I’m intrigued by the lore.
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