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Reviewed in Australia on 14 March 2018
This book started right where Rebel's Blade left off, and wow, it was addictive!

Book 2 surprised me. I was wondering how this love story was going to pan out. I'm not so great with predicting plot lines, and I don't mind that. It gets me by surprised and sure was I pleasantly surprised how gripping this sequel was! It was fast paced, action packed and had be chuckling at times.

Sage. I love Sage, she's a strong, kick ass character with a lot of sass! At times I thought she was a bit much, stubborn as heck, but it was apart of her character. Although she went through many traumas and betrayals, it was given that she would feel this way. Especially from a reader's point of view, I just wanted her to give everyone a chance! Especially Tehl. But I was glad she could see the friendships forming and trust building in the other characters, such as Sam and Gavriel.

Tehl. He can be awkward, stubborn, arrogant, he is a crown prince after all! But most of his comments came out wrong and with bad timing. Even so, I have grown quite attached to his character, and I'm looking forward to see how his and Sage's relationship will develop. It definitely is intriguing, and I starting to crave for the moments where Tehl and Sage develop an understanding of each other, and more.

Sam, you remind me of a character in another book, who was also a brother of a crown prince. And this made me love him more. He definitely grows on you from Rebel's blade, and I love the development of his and Sage's relationship. They learn to understand each other and have going down a path of a great friendship of their own. I love their banter and that Sage can see through him compared to others. I loved how we saw him being vulnerable and opening up to Sage. Even though I found it to be quick how she trusted him based on her opinions of him previously. However, I'm glad that she has, and I was hoping that Sage would learn to trust him based on the characters we read from his point of view. I also feel that Sage can be there for him like no other person can be.

Gavriel. He's had a special place in my heart since the beginning, with his dark hair and purple eyes. I love how he is a strong character but is also someone that Sage can rely on and turn to. I really hope he finds someone in the end! It's cute to see him softening around Sage and be protective of her.

Rafe, you are so annoying, but it seems you are needed for this plot line. It seems Tehl needs someone there to help him realise his growing affection towards Sage. He's odd, even though he is a skillful rebellion leader.

Marq, the King, is so sweet. And I love the moments of him, even though he is so briefly in it. I enjoyed seeing his character as the all knowing father, shadowing the main characters and leaves you light hearted and feel for him. This is also my thoughts from Rebel's blade.

Lilja is so cool. I love her character and friendship with Sage. She's so interesting and I can't wait to read more about her past.

Mira is such a sweetheart. I love her and Sage's relationship. She's a sweet character and I hope to see more of her in the next book!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Crown's Shield. It was addictive and a page turner, I simply couldn't put it down! Now onto Enemy's Queen to satisfy that crazy cliffhanger! I was left gaping at that ending! Thank goodness I can instantly buy it on my kindle and read straight after this review! Highly recommend reading this series!
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