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Reviewed in Australia on 25 November 2015
We meet and spend time with Sophie Stark through the eyes of her brother, lovers and colleagues. All ponder how well they knew her: often vacillating between thinking they’ve been able to catch a glimpse into her soul; and finding themselves completely bewildered by her behaviour.

All we readers can really know about Sophie is via what she’s said and what she’s done. And they’re often miles apart.

This was an interesting, but not riveting, read for me. I realise North intends for we readers (and Sophie’s friends) to remain conflicted about the book’s namesake but I did find it a little frustrating that I really didn’t get a sense of her character (or care more about her). I suspect North is implying (and probably not even very subtly) that Sophie…. as she called herself (almost on a whim), really had no sense of who she was. Which was—most likely—her problem.

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