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Reviewed in Australia on 17 September 2020
Nothing great about this, but it is OK.

The perhaps quirky rubber seating for the tools is at least very functional I find. I can lift a couple of different sets out and they won't fall out of their seating or I can just swing (OK more manipulate) them up in the box. You then semi swing/semi push back the rubber seating blocks back but it works.

The seating system is so generic for 1/4inch bits that I can swap others in and out if needed to fine-tune for my needs.

Real non-impact driver / non-SDS rated stuff (as fully expected) and also DIY territory but 99% of the projects I take on would not want one of those things anywhere near it anyway, at least nowhere near full bore anyway.

The little ratchet feels lightweight in every way but for flat-pack type-level assembly, it feels as if it would be fine. In my scenario, It will likely only ever get used if my battery driver options ever pack up and then as a stand-in...........

Got what I expected basically..............
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