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Reviewed in Australia on 2 May 2020
We have 8 Alexa Dots, 2 Alexa Plus and 1 Show 5. I would absolutely love to be able to replace all our Dots with the Show 5, but the dots just won't die! They just keep working and some are nearing 2-3 years old!

Alexa Show:
Great compact device. I like being able to link in photos to my Amazon Photo account and have it cycle through. The daily updates of tips and tricks for Alexa is a pleasant surprise and as a result there are more features that I'm learning about Alexa each day.

I have my show connected to my Ring device, and I don't know if this is an issue with Ring or with Alexa, but when I say "Alexa show my front door" there is about a 1 minute delay before it shows the door. When it does show it though, the feed is great and works well. I can hear everything that is going on outside.

Sound quality is good, but it gets a bit tinny when it's on max volume, so we don't use it very much for streaming music.

Setup was nice and easy. I bought it via my Amazon account and I powered it on and it started auto setting up which was great. It integrated well within our home environment.

When used with paired apps (such as the Sensibo) you get a few extras, so on the Sensibo, it actually shows me the temperature of my aircon and what temp the room is cooling too. When timers are set, it has a clockface that does a countdown for you and when streaming music, you get the title on the screen.

A nice little device, would work great in the kitchen as a companion or even in the bedroom/office as a clock. Would like to see future generations of this device to be "flatter" for wall mounting.

Great product, would look at this for replacing my Alexa Dots when they eventually die.
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