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Reviewed in Australia on 4 July 2020
I wish I could get my money back. I was so impressed by the look of the first level that I thought the rest would be just as amazing. I was wrong. Already on my third planet and it's just giving me a headache to play.

- The combat is lame, fighting the same creatures and enemies and becomes tiresome quickly.

- The platforming is annoying especially when jumping onto certain areas and trying to use your force powers, and getting to some places are downright frustrating for example, a sequence where you are sliding down and you have to make a sharp turn without being thrown off with godawful controls.

- The level designs and environments feel like they have been unfinished or done in a lazy way. Again, with the exception of the first level, which just looks amazing, every other location just looks the same and just feels uninspired and boring, like the designers were just putting stuff whereverand it's so easy to get lost, not with how big the map is but, just how every place just looks the same.

- They drop some notable names and planets as a tease to keep you interested.

- The respawning takes forever (on PS4).

- You are getting useless pickups for skins for your ship and lightsaber parts everywhere else on the map.

- The combat system and skill point system are just $h!t. So slow to level up and the combat is so sluggish.

This is just crap. It feels like a reskin of God of War tbh, only a lot worse. Just save your money and just check out the cutscenes on YouTube or something. Not worth the trouble in playing this. I heard something big happens at the end, but tbh it's just feels like a chore to "play" this.
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