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Reviewed in Australia on 2 February 2021
I have a number of Dr Greger's books but fortunately had a library copy to read and will not be making a purchase. A lot of the recipes have way too many ingredients and for me this makes meal preparation onerous. More to the point, none of the recipes have information on calories, macro / micro nutrient values per serving. I would have also liked why specific ingredients were chosen and how they relate to the information in Greger's "The How Not To Diet" book.

One cookbook that I am enjoying is "Vegan Goodness: One-Pot Wonders". The recipes have a good mix of tastes and textures while keeping a lid on preparation time. Another feature that I really liked was that for many recipes there were alternative ingredient options for those of us who have food allergies or preferences.

Getting back to Dr Greger, I continue to enjoy his Youtube videos and also the "How Not to Die", "How Not to Diet" and "How to Survive a Pandemic" books.
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