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Reviewed in Australia on 31 July 2020
Great sound, comfortable for long sessions. I use the largest ear tips included in the box for my big ears, and they're perfect.

They're also very light - I can barely feel them in my ears while I'm using them. The cables are the perfect length for me to lift my Quest onto my forehead and they don't tug at all (and I have a big head - at the absolute cusp of the Quests IPD range). Unfortunately this makes them feel fragile in hand, and I'm very worried for their longevity. They seem robust however, and only time will tell if my fears are just or not.

THE ONLY ISSUES I have with these, over a set of over-ear headphones, is the constant 'fuzz' or 'buzz' you can hear from them. I currently have a sinus infection and am more sensitive to it but it's driving me nuts in a quiet menu or a quiet game. This is just an earbuds thing though and will happen with any earbuds so not gonna take big points away for it, just be aware that it exists. It's soft, but while in a quiet scene, it's noticeable.

Important to note also is that if they're plugged in already when you boot up the Quest, they aren't recognised. Unplugging them and replugging them in once the Quest is on is the fix. Small, but I feel like this is more of a Quest issue than an earbuds issue.
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4.5 out of 5
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