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Reviewed in Australia on 5 March 2020
My first time using it was with the kids around - don't do this! To really get the most out of your eye massager, make sure you are resting and no one can distract you. Now when the kids are in bed, I put on the eye massager and it forces me to relax. Because it is covering your eyes, you aren't tempted to check your phone or watch TV. You really have to just sit down and relax, which is perfect for people who always have a 'to do' list and never take 5 minutes to relax.
I loved the gentle pressure it places on different parts of your eye and temple area. I particularly loved having my temples massaged. There are different settings, but I like the 'sleep' setting the most as it is so relaxing. You can also adjust the temperature, which means in summer you can turn the heat off and in winter warm up your eyes with the heat on. The only thing I didn't like at first was the mechanical sound the massager makes when it's increasing the pressure, but then I found the 'puff' sound of air pressure being released made me go into a deeper relaxation. After a few goes I got used to the mechanical sound and it didn't bother me. Also, don't wear eye makeup while using the massager. It's best to use with a clean face so you don't dirty the eye pads, but these look easy to clean anyway.
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