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Reviewed in Australia on 7 October 2020
I still own 2 out of the 3 games, Mario 64 on Nintendo 64 and Mario Galaxy on Wii. Both systems aren't always connected, so to play any of these games would be a bit of work to set up. We have a household of 4 people, and the biggest win of having this game is each of us have 3-4 slots each to save our games in our profile, not sharing across the family. That stops the arguments of which save am I or who has deleted my save. The fact that the switch is natively HDMI, the graphics seems to be sharper and bring me back to the way I remember it on the tube based tvs. The bonus game for me is Sunshine. Clearly one of the harder titles in the Mario range. I must have missed that one when it came out, so we get a brand new game that neither us parents or the kids know anything about. Controls are pretty good on all games, and I must admit Mario 64 is pretty good in the hand held mode where I can sneak off and add to my Star Collection. I haven't touched Mario Galaxy yet, but did enjoy that when we got it on the WII. All up this is a great set of games. I can only hope that they do something similar with Banjo Kazooii or port more of the Nintendo 64 games across, so we can retire the box of controllers and cartridges.
If anyone is questioning whether to get this title, the answer is pretty clear: Where do you find absolute hours of entertainment for the whole family that lasts days for under $80. Those parents like us that don't quite have the reflexes of old, this set of games acts as a great way of building up your game playing without having to be super effective on the controls. Love it dearly.
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