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Reviewed in Australia on 8 December 2019
Amazon has refused to refund or replace TWO of my Alexas now, that was purchased roughly 6 months apart, and when both of them got to about the 15 months mark, they completely switch offline.
I have spent HOURS online to customer service "troubleshooting" the devices, and both of them have the EXACT SAME ERROR which is once deregistered (advised by customer service) they REFUSE TO CONNECT AGIAN, rendering them COMPLETELY USELESS.

Amazon is a MULTI MULTI MULTI BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY, and won't even HELP the people that KEEP THEM RICH.

It's $300 for me, which took me MONTHS to save, and your products are only created to last your 12-month warranty, but within months of that 12 months, they are BROKEN.

Under Australian Consumer Law, this is a BREACH to refuse. This is NOT acceptable quality, NOT a suitable timeframe that the product lasts, and NOT an acceptable response. They even advised me to buy another one, or buy an extended warranty. TOTALLY AGAINST AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER LAW!
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