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Reviewed in Australia on 24 June 2020
Lila Rose delivers another stellar story with Wreck Me Forever . I seriously melted in a big pile of goo by the end of this story , I was giddy with glee , smile stretching wide across my face and it all had to do with the two sexy, funny, growly, gorgeous, smart, quirky lovable men that are Lucas and Wade (Wreck) .

Lucas Storey is all about the study life, he’s at college studying for his medical degree. He has a one track mind and that’s to become a doctor, so not being lucky In his love life gives him more time to dedicate to putting all his time and effort with school. Recently he moved in with his older biker brother and we start to see that one track mind start to slip. Meeting Zion’s biker brothers has make the quirky, extremely nervous Lucas stammer and stutter more times than he would like . Until in walks Wade ‘Wreck’ Williams and that level of uncomfortable nerves hits an all time high. But through all these times that puts Lucas in situations way out of his comfort zone, he starts to find his family increases through the love and support of his brother Zion’s “Brothers”

Wreck has never been into guys, he loves women and always has, until he sets his eyes on Lucas Storey and what he always thought about himself , changes in the blink of an eye.

This GFY story was just perfect , Lila Rose knows exactly how to deliver a story that’s filled with humor and substance, I got all the feels from reading this and had many laugh out loud moments. Watching Lucas and Wreck navigate through their mutual desires, undeniable chemistry , many many fumbling moments was such a joy. This is a story about self discovery, acceptance and a whole lota love.

I would recommend this book to anyone. Easy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ given .
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