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Reviewed in Australia on 6 August 2020
I have had these earbuds for a couple of weeks now and compared to some of the other wireless earbuds that I have previously owned that were around the same price range I think it is safe to say that these definitely do not disappoint and are well worth the price. Here are my thoughts:

Sound: I am by no means an audiophile nor an expert when it comes to judging sound quality however I like to have a pair of earbuds that have at least decent sound quality and can comfortably reach loud volumes. I have had some experience with other wireless earbuds in the past and after using these earbuds for a while I have come to the conclusion that these are easily the best sounding pair at this price point. The sound quality is very enjoyable and satisfying and they can reach loud volumes pretty easily so that I don’t have to increase the volume almost to the max and only to about 50-60% to reach the volume I want. These earbuds can easily be used in even the loudest of environments.

These earbuds are very comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time without annoying your ears. Sometimes it feels like you’re not even aware that their in your ears and they have pretty good passive noise cancellation, which means they block a fair amount of noise just by having them in your ears. These sit very deep in your ear canal however they don’t hurt your ears when slightly pushing them into your ears or when using the touch controls.

These pair of earbuds have touch controls which can control everything. In my experience with touch controls on wireless earbuds I often find myself not using them at all as they are usually pretty unresponsive and have significant input delay. However, I actually do use them on this pair as they’re pretty responsive and easy to use. I also like how the touch surface for the controls does not cover the entire surface of the earbuds as it prevents many accidental touches while still remaining easy to use and tap.

Battery life:
The battery life on the earbuds themselves are very good and I never find myself needing to reach recharge them whenever I am using them. The case also has decent battery capacity and is similar to many other earbuds. There are definitely other wireless earbuds with cases that have far greater battery capacity however this usually means a much bulkier case and the battery capacity on these earbuds is more than enough even for the heavier users.

These earbuds are fairly small and have a pretty sleek design so that they don’t stick out of your ears much when you wear them. I personally really like the design as it gives the earbuds a unique and different look but you can judge that for yourself by looking at the pictures. The case is also small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket and to not be annoying to carry around.

There aren’t many areas where you can fault these earbuds especially at this price point.
They lack wireless charging but that isn’t exactly a bid deal and shouldn’t really be an expectation at this price.
If you have really small ears than these earbuds might not fit you very well but the different size ear tips may help with that. Everyone’s ears are different but for most people these earbuds will provide a very comfortable fit.

Overall I am very satisfied with these earbuds and I reckon most people would be too. They are very much worth the price and would be the number one earbuds I would recommend at around this price point.
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