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Reviewed in Australia on 13 April 2020
These are some of the most affordable true wireless earphones I have ever used. For the price point, they have very good sound quality, a slim case, and the most responsive touch controls I've come across on any earphone/headphone model.

I've used several models of True Wireless Earphones, including the Ovevo Muve, UNis and the SoundPeats Truengine 2 in the past, all varying in price from about $50 to $150 Australian Dollars.
These hold up fairly well in terms of sound quality against the UNis (which are at the top of this price range) and the Muve, but lack some of the bass that the two drivers of the Truengine 2 offers.

While the rest of the models are designed for sports, these earphones were still able to firmly hold their places in my ears through running, and vigorous head shaking. With Bluetooth 5, I'm was able to get a fairly stable connection at about 12 metres away and around a corner, which is a few more metres than I could safely say for the other earphones I have tried. They quickly auto-connect to my phone as well, making the pairing process hassle-free. With some other models, I have had issues with each earphone competing for the primary Bluetooth connection to my phone, causing cut-outs and the need to manually disconnect with one, then reconnect with the other. Fortunately, I have not had this issue with these earphones so far.

For exercise and general outings, the slim size of the carry case for these earphones is extremely useful. It's much smaller than both the UNis and the Truengine 2, and can comfortably fit in your pocket. While I often find myself unable to justify bringing the cases for the other earphones with me unless I have a backpack (which means that I have put the loose earphones in my pocket if I'm not using them, where they don't charge and can be more easily damaged).

The battery life is about 4-5 hours per earphone but can go for longer if you listen at low volumes. For those new to true wireless earphones, you can also use a single earphone at a time, and leave the other in the charging case. This means you can get a continuous listening experience throughout the entire day, and also ensure that you can hear your surroundings.

If you like to listen to music or podcasts to help you sleep, these earphones are ideal. They are the only ones I have used so far that are thin enough that you could comfortably lie down on a pillow without them pushing into your ear painfully. The lights on these earphones are also no-nonsense, and won't illuminate the room to keep you awake. I've only seen them light up when in the case and either charging (red), or fully charged (green), whereas other models have light effects that play on a loop while they are in use.

If you're looking at good sound quality in an extremely portable product, this is an excellent product that won't break the bank.
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