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Reviewed in Australia on 6 July 2021
No matter what I do (changing where it rests on my head, the pupil distance, cleaning the lenses etc) everything remains slightly blurred and the text will constantly have a glow/halo effect, making it hard to read and or focus in games. Watching supposedly 4K videos isn't very awe-inspiring as everything looks 480p, maybe choppy 720p at best.

There is also barely any games or apps on the actually Oculus app making the headset basically useless unless it's linked to a computer. Not an "expansive" Quest content library by any means.

I personally regret having wasted my money and will be returning the product. If you're sensitive to motion sickness, bright lights, migraines etc, definitely don't buy even if you only get those things every once in a while. Hell, if you get sinus problems or hate how certain materials feel on your face this headset will probably bother you. I also received an email from Amazon about an "Important Product Safety Notification" about the foam used with the removable foam facial interface. Apparently on some products, the foam part has been causing people to have skin irritations and is being recalled.
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