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Reviewed in Australia on 16 September 2020
Seller has not responded to my emails about a damaged product, hence 2 stars.

Product itself is pretty good (despite being only 90% functional).
I have been having some software issues with it as well which is annoying - custom led setup seems to decide to not auto-select sometimes, usually after turning off the machine or prolonged sleep (over night).
Occasionally software gives “not connected” message, despite the keyboard leds being lit up and typing is entirely possible.
Usually have to end the process through task manager to get it to work again. Pretty annoying since this is supposedly a premium product.

The scroll wheel at the top right of the keyboard looks to have been snapped at one side and doesn’t function. It’s a minor issue in the grand scheme, but again, this was a reasonably expensive product, and lack of comms from the seller is just straight up bad service.

The keys have a physical ‘click’ when pressed, which I didn’t realise upon purchase. Not necessarily a bad thing, just means typing is very loud.

Shipping was reasonably fast from US to Australia. I was pleased with that.
Really like the keyboard overall, really satisfying to type on, good key feel, loads of customisation options.
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