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Reviewed in Australia on 11 November 2020
I had an existing G502 that was on its last legs after 3 years of solid use, such a good mouse decided to get another one, couldn't believe the price when I seen these advertised as brand new for $80 and free shipping. Mouse arrived and immediately I knew it was a refurb as there was a sticker over the original label with -NEW on it. I decided to test out the mouse anyway and found multiple problems with it, 1. The wheel clunks when you fling the mouse left and right, 2, some of the replacement springs used under the buttons make a loud "boing" noise when you release it. It also was bumpy to move left and right as if they hadn't put the pads back together perfectly. Was fairly furious considering I thought I was buying a new one and now I am without a mouse. If people want to buy re-furb thats fine, but 1. dont sell them as brand new and 2. do a decent job of refurbishing the bloody thing.
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