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Reviewed in Australia on 21 September 2020
The Arlo Pro 2 cameras have 2 major flaws over some rival brands. Firstly, you can't set zones for motion detection. This is probably the least of the flaws as motion detection is quite good when compared to Eufy, which would miss all people movement on my front porch every morning for some unknown reason. The reasoning is that these cameras are wireless, therefore don't have the ability to have zones set. Strange, because I could with the equivalent Eufy product. The more serious issue with these cameras is actually the iOS app. You cannot change the notification sound on motion detected. The sound is the same as receiving an Apple News alert or a text message. This sounds quite minor, but mentally we're tuned to react differently to a security alert versus a News alert. The ability to change this sound can be implemented in the app, but 5 years after the community first requested it, it's still not there. Being a software developer I can say. IT'S NOT THAT HARD! For any security application of these cameras this lack of choice in regards to notification sound is a deal breaker. And yes, cheaper rivals such as Eufy have this feature.

Now the good things, motion detection is excellent. Mounting and setup were both extremely simple and the app never crashed. The units pretty much take care of themselves in terms of software updates, and a 64gb USB drive meant plenty of local storage in the base station. Reception between the base station and cameras was good, even through multiple brick walls. Responsiveness was also good with less lag than competing cameras.

If you can live without zoning or custom notification sounds on motion alert than these are great cameras. For me though, those were deal breakers.
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