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Reviewed in Australia on 10 November 2019
I expected better in version 2 but parents prefer the visual information from the Echos Show 2 and "Alexa" is much easier to use that its competitor Google Home Hub ("Hey Google") alert word especially from an elderly persons perspective.

The good Points.
1. Displays verbal information:
a. Weather
b. Time
c. Alexa connected device setting requested (only the device you requested the action on)
d. Displays Security cams (Wyze, Ring, don't know about Nest or other cams).
e.You can see and control all your connected smart devices. and it does list them by manually selecting them when you swipe right to left.
f. Can connect to Youtube via Firefox or Amazons browser. but not to your youtube account directly
g Displays appointments for the day.
h. Watch Prime video only

What it cannot do:
1. You cannot customise the clock face. "Clock face is not supported on this device".
2. Cannot customise or adjust your routines.
3. Cannot watch Netflix or Stan etc
4. Does not have provisions for a usb or sd card input for uploading your photos or music. Photos need to be uploaded via Amazon Photos (5 Gig only) or facebook.
5. Microphone not as sensitive/responsive as the original echo.

All in all only somewhat impressed but if you are thinking it will combine tablet and echo features together..... it doesn't.

It is the best out of the competition and I say this as I have tried the competition (google hub) and Alexa / Echo app for the the following reasons:
1. Easier to set up and use straight off the bat.
2.App is user friendly and simple to add your smart products from a large variety of companies.
3. Greatest list of smart device companies products to integrate.
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