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Reviewed in Australia on 5 August 2020
I have only 2 small complaints with this game. First, as mentioned, the lip synch is to the English dialogue, I would have preferred it be done to the Japanese. Second, the jumping/climbing mechanics can be a bit touchy. There were numerous times when Jin would rub against a climbable ledge and not grab it, falling to his death.

There is so much to love about the game though. The setting is great, the story is not complicated but well told, with an ending that suit the tone of the game perfectly. Bushido is handled really well, and the way it impacts the relationship between Jin and his surrogate father, dooming them to the inevitable conclusion, was beautiful to watch unfold. The side quests are also memorable and fleshed out. There is no 'run to point A, grab item, run back' stuff. The combat is fun, no Sekiro levels of challenge, but I did like the stances, various weapons, and upgrade systems a lot. I even enjoyed the stealth parts when they were required, and almost every encounter in the game can be handled with honour (ie, walk in and challenge the enemy) or without (hide in the bushes picking off everyone). The choice is up to the player.

If you enjoy historical drama, anything with samurai, swords, or Japanese themes, and if you thought Assassin's Creed was fun but hated all the popping in-and-out of the Animus stuff, this is for you. There are a couple of gay/bi characters in the game, but it doesn't feel woke, and you have to be paying attention to find them. Sucker Punch don't hit you in the face with it or offer a sermon to the player like a certain other developer did recently, and aside from a little samurai butt reveal whenever Jin takes a bath, there's no abrupt and uncomfortable sex/nudity in the game. Also unlike that other game, when it comes to a crucial end-game decision, it is up to the player to make it, and live with the consequences.

Lastly, there is no level-gating in the game. You don't have to be a certain level to enter certain regions or attempt certain missions, so you can play the game at your own pace, and do or ignore as much side content as you like. Obviously levelling up will make things easier, but it's not required.

I can't wait to see where this series goes. There is so much potential here for sequels. SP could continue the story of the Ghost, or do some spin-offs with their side characters. I'd like to see this become like the Yakuza series of samurai games. Bravo Sucker Punch. See you on the PS5.
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