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Reviewed in Australia on 28 February 2020
Gen II Dot didn't have as large a speaker driver as the Gen 3-BUT speech much clearer/easier to understand on earlier Gen 2 model- ok music not as rich sound as Gen 3, as Gen 2 had smaller spkr. I bought 3 Plum col' Gen 3's for Mum's use. The Gen 3'S ARE ALL POOR SOUND FOR SPEECH. Very Bassy, midrange & treble are adjustable in Alexa App if U DO have Gen 3's BUT that EQ feature ONLY alters bass, miss, treble when MUSIC playing. So the EQ HAS NO effect on speech-which I bought for Mum to use to call me for assistance and such. I am VERY ANNOYED WITH AMAZON for promoting the DOT series Gen III as BETTER SOUND QUALITY .
Their adverts DO NOT indicate the EQ is NOT in circuit for enhancing intelligibility of voice/speech. The Gen III NEEDS TO HAVE EQ IN AN UPDATE which will render it operational for voice also. Or maybe we will fit h the echo spot clock & 5 dots in her apartment and being 88 yrs age living on her own, while in Oztraya echo cannot call 000 ( 911 ) we use Echo with the fabulous "ask my buddy" service in Florida which allows Mum to utter 7 words anywhere in her home and within 20 SECONDS my mobile shows a "push SMS message" saying " so and so needs help. Her location is such and such. Also the phone rings....I chose Amazon originally cos they had a bedside clock, avail in white, which can have a simple Roman style face, and has an Echo built-In and a switchable on/off camera- the ideal simple starter Echo product for an aged user. Now dots throughout allow for any needs or mishaps. We find Echo Alexa ideal for Mum's safety. I heartily recommend the "" service which can cost user TOTAL OF NOTHING for infrequent use and basic features. Pay US$ 10.00 or so per month for greater feature options and very frequent use. I do a test call thru ONE RANDOMLY CHOSEN of Mum's Echo Spot or a Dot EVERY DAY to ensure She is protected and I get my SMS AND S PHONE CALL SAYING FLORIDA CALLING. So I know Mum needs my immed contact or visit. So all you need is internet service for Echo system- basic cheaper "slow 12 Mbps speed" is ok, an Amazon Echo Dot or two and join the "ask my buddy" service which I found by that search engine service with letters "OO" in the middle. This makes the purchase of Amazon Echo Products so tremendously useful for Human Security, as well as entertainment and switching lights on/off just by saying " ALEXA, BED LIGHT ON" or " OFF " etc . So for ALL you fellow carers like me, check it out guys!
I finish by saying if using for Aged/limited mobility caring I suggest the Modem in Patient's home, also at least say the Bedside Dot if not all Dots, and the bedside light be plugged into a UPS in case mains power is off during storms etc. This gear so energy efficient a UPS may run a pc long enough to save app and shutdown but if Echo Dot, modem,& bedlight ( get an LED GLOBE into the bed light - they use bugger-all power) then your loved-one will feel a great peace of mind and YOU AS CARER will also feel a weight lift from your shoulders-just knowing you have effective, urgent Help Needed comm's with " your Patient " ...and with the Echo system it's easy to pair-in economically priced Video Motion Activated Doorbells, external & internal cameras etc for you to view on YOUR OWN MOBILE PHONE for discrete remote monitoring of Patient as well as greeting visitor thru spkr in most Doorbells, ie " Mum is sleeping now, could u please return later" hope you gain some idea as to how fantastic Echo System can really be. Cheers guys, Laurie in Oztraya. Ps. Wish EVERY FELLOW HUMAN AND THEIR PETS, HERDS,etc wash your hands much more often and take care during the life of the dreaded Corona Virus. Best wishes to all.
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