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Reviewed in Australia on 28 January 2020
I had a lot of fun with this game despite the noise surrounding it.

- Raid Battles are fun and challenging. Playing with NPCs can be frustrating but also much, much faster since you can turn off animations.
- The music is incredible and goes very well with the battles, the gym battles in particular were fantastic and I wish I could play through them for the first time again. Legendary encounters were hyped by the music and you get to choose whatever music tracks to play inside the Battle Tower.
- Future DLCs will be available to play that will introduce much more content. Some confirmed aspects are: more wild areas, more old Pokemon returning (Controversial depending on what side of the fence you are on), more rivals, and more NEW pokemon.
- The wild area is great fun and it's good to see them introduce another two wild areas in future DLCs that are allegedly bigger than the ones we have right now. DLCs are arguably better than just reintroducing another definitive game a few years later to play through again, although at $45, paying nearly $110 for a pokemon game in general will not sit well with people and I do not blame them although the fan base will let you know otherwise.
- A lot of great quality of life changes are present, both new and retained from previous generations. If you're into competitive battling or want to get into it, they've made it easier than ever to get into it.
- Less Pokemon means easier Pokedex completion although I'm not sure how the DLC pokemon will affect this. You cannot catch the DLC Pokemon in the base game so it's possible that the Pokedex completion can be paywalled unless you're one of those special people who think trading via NSO or Pokemon Home is considered free.
- Over World Pokemon. Easily the best thing they ever introduced. It was present in the Let's Go games and they did a pretty good job carrying it over. Some Pokemon will run away from you and some will charge you and end your journey.

- Internet Raid battles are broken and 7/10 times, you cannot connect to them. This is due to people abusing the date/time feature on their switch to manipulate their raids.
- Half the Pokedex was cut. I personally didn't mind, however, a few months later and now they are reintroducing a good amount of Pokemon through future DLCs which makes me incredibly annoyed because it's obvious now that they cut the Pokemon in the first place for future DLCs and not due to their excuses that they gave at first. It's frustrating to see the fanbase act like sheep, screeching at whomever isn't thanking Game Freak giving us more Pokemon despite cutting them in the first place. Worth pointing out that the Game Freak director said they wouldn't be adding the missing Pokemon back in when the game was about to release but are going to do so anyways through DLC. Incredible that the fan base can defend this. At least Pokemon will have a future...
- End Game content is empty compared to previous games. I'm not exaggerating, I spent nearly 100 hours on the game and loved it every bit of it BUT I haven't picked it up since because there's nothing to do outside of breeding (Shiny or competitive), online battling, raids (They get repetitive), and completing the Pokedex is standard. I go on every now and then to look for a gigantamax raid or for mystery gifts. There's one post-game story line and that's it. It's another controversial reason as to why some players aren't happy with the DLC, with some making conspiracies that Game Freak purposefully cut content from the base game for the DLC. Make your own decisions.
- DLC price is pretty expensive, at $45, it's nearly 3/4 of the game itself (~$65). The fan base is screeching that it's better than buying a definitive game and I agree with that, but at 3/4 of the original price, you're basically buying another game that has less content in it. However, the DLC looks promising so hopefully, it will be worth the price.
- Over World Pokemon do not appear shiny (i.e. you cannot tell if a Pokemon is shiny or not until you battle it).
- There's a town that's literally one straight line and the only things you can access is the Poke Center and the "Gym".


I loved playing through this game and I'd recommend it to people new to the series at least. It's important to note that the developers have done/are doing some controversial things that contradict their previous statements about the game, however, the reality is people will forget and move on. If you're in no rush to play the game, then maybe wait for the DLC to drop in price and buy it along with the game.
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