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Reviewed in Australia on 16 August 2020
Overall I started this out of nostalgia and because the memes made me laugh... And while there were some parts early on that were hilariously hyperbolic, it sucked me in and totally changed the way I saw Edward. For all the jokes, this book actually served to show the reality of Edwards life. Beyond the petty things that make sense for plot in the original, this book actually shows what it is like for a character that can constantly hear the thoughts of others... Alice is also a great hero of this book, and we get to understand all of the vampires better. It's strange to see Bella from the outside - and actually makes her much less of a Mary-Sue because for Edward it makes sense why he comes to love her.

Overall it was very enjoyable... For the nosalgia, for the new perspectives... From the fact that it read like a totally different book. I actually would love to read the whole series from Edwards perspective.
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