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Reviewed in Australia on 4 October 2019
This is an initial response. I will a write follow up review in a few months time. The unit is compact, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing . The quality is good and it comes across as durable. The noise level of the fan is as follows: 1) like a loud pc fan and not very intrusive, 2) as loud as a medium size air con unit across the room, if next to you, you will have to raise the volume of tv or pc, and 3) pretty loud and I would not sit next to it. A few meters away is manageable.

I bought it to combat the putrid smoke of bushfires and prescribed burns endemic to where I live. We are talking real dense smoke, dense enough to turn streets lights on in the middle of the day, covering the entire place for days on end. So far, it has done a good job of removing most of the particles out of the air. I have noticed a huge difference from before and most of my coughing has been eliminated through this machine. It does also remove odours to a considerable degree. But remember that since it does not have a charcoal filter, it cannot remove the odours completely. However, I have not noticed a smoky aroma in the exhaust air. There are also two nightlight settings which come in handy.

I would say the unit and the filter are doing a great job for the price. The unit does pack a considerable punch for its size and circulate pretty large amounts of air around. I use it predominantly in a large room and the second setting is more than enough. It is mostly on the first. I guess you could clear up a very large living room with the third fan setting. But, for a house you will need something bigger and the product is advertised appropriately. Overall, pretty happy and would recommend this unit.

My follow up review will involve the potential increase in fan noise due to wear and tear, always an issue in mechanical devices, and the longevity of the filter. Hope the above helps.
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