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Reviewed in Australia on 22 December 2020
Car is fun and zippy, and it was sent quickly so no complaints there. Its ability to continue when inverted would have (were it to be supplied with an appropriate controller, see below) made it appropriate for the younger ones because it's much less likely to get stuck.

However, an important note regarding the controller. This RC car uses a 'skid-steer' configuration. Left button controls left side wheels. Right buttons controls right side wheels. So far so good. However the right-side's controller is oriented left-right, instead of up-down as the left-side is.

Meaning if you want to drive 'forward', you need to press the left button forward and the right button to the left. It's awkward and unintuitive, which means it's not good for the younger kids after all. Both of the joysticks should be oriented front-back, like literally every other skid-steering RC car in the history of the world ever. Surprised no one else has mentioned this.

It really lets down an otherwise exciting toy.
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3.3 out of 5
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